Awl Cases

   A Lakota woman wore tools needed daily inside beaded or porcupine-quilled leather cases attached to her belt.  On her right side she carried a knife case, on her left a strike-a-light case for starting a fire and between the others was her awl case. 


   An awl case consisted of a top flap to keep an awl from falling out.  The stiff rawhide case kept a bone awl from breaking. Decorated fringes below the case served as ornamentation.  Both awl cases are wrapped with Venetian beads in a greasy yellow background.

   Flossie Bear Robe, great-granddaughter of Chief Big Foot, adopted me as her brother.  She taught me sew-down porcupine quillwork and beadwork using holes poked with an awl for sinew sewing.