Museum Items List

Arrow Maker's Bundle
Awl Cases
Beaver Decoy
Big Foot or Spotted Elk
Bison Robes
Black Elk's Pipe and Pipe Bag
Bone Spreader
Bones with Imbedded Arrow Points
Brave Heart Lance
Buffalo Hair Bow and Quiver
Buffalo Hair Rope
Burden Basket
Calumet of Chief Inkpeduta
Captured Crow Lance and Spear
Carved Effigy Pipe of Chief Hare
Chief Swift Bear
Cosmetic Bag
Courting Robe of Blue Thunder
Crazy Horse
Crow Dog
Deer Fur Bow and Quiver Set
Elk Horn Scrapers
Elk Leg Bag
Elk Tine Quirt
Elk Tooth Necklace and Dress
Grass Flattening Wands
Grizzly Claw Necklace
Hair Extensions
Kit Fox Bighorn Sheep Ladle
Lakota Bows and Arrows
Lakota Fire Starting Set
Lances or Spears
Mandan Pictographic Robe
Mandan Treaty Pipe
Medicine Rattle
Notable Artifacts
Owns a Yellow Shield
Pipe or Tobacco Bags
Quilled Cradle
Red Horse
Shield of Sits Down Talking
Sioux Societies
Sitting Bull
Split Horn Ermine Bonnet
Spotted Tail
Stone Hammers
Tall Mandan or Long Mandan
Thunder Being Items
Tipi or Possibles Bags
Tipi Rosettes
Treaty Pipes
Two Elk's Work and Medicine Bag
War Club and Sash of Chief Takes the Gun
White Horse Society
White Thunder's Treaty Pipe
Woptuha and Wounded Knee